This years Global Shop conference highlighted many areas of the innovations coming out for the next year in retail design. IDL Worldwide shared some great insights on their take on the best of the best.

A huge focus of this years in store marketing has centered around digital interaction.  Touch screens involving shoppers in the marketing process allow for rapidly changing graphics showcasing large amounts of information not traditionally available in a basic retail display.

digital interaction with touch screens

Scent marketing was another non-traditional marketing technique displayed throughout the trade show floor.  Scent modules such as the Aroma Halo allow for an even deeper sensory immersion within retail environments.

scent modules

As rustic themes are popping up in retail left and right, marketing teams continue to look for easier solutions to convert traditional shelving.  Faux wood panels and beams like these from Barron Designs give the beautiful look of a beam, with the ease of instal of lighter weight, less expensive options.

faux wood panels

These and many other retail innovations displayed at Global Shop will no doubt continue to permeate the market.  Thank you to IDL for your thoughts on the top trends for the coming year.