Alliance For Bangladesh Workers Safety

Challenge: Halfway through a five year process, the Alliance was only producing annual reports to showcase progress made on all of their initiatives.  They were finding it hard to share the emotional impact of their work through words and statistics.

Objective:  Create a visual way to showcase the emotional and statistical impact of their progress. Then use this to assure and secure stakeholders, while concurrently educating the public on their work.

Process:  We conducted a series of interviews with real factory workers discussing both their personal lives and their experience with the various programs the Alliance has put in place.  This allowed us to humanize the workers being detailed through statistics, and give a more personal view of the people being directly effected by the actions of the alliance and their stakes holders.  This culminated in a 5 minute piece touching on both the human elements, and the statistical elements.  This video was housed on the Alliances website, social media outlets, and utilized in presentations.  This video was also supplied to the brands involved in the Alliance.

To see the continued process, see our additional work with the Alliance here: